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To order call (513) 897-3685 2028 E St Rt 73 Waynesville, OH  45068 

Renovations 2011

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Home of the “Big Bo"

2028 E St Rt 73 Waynesville, OH 45068


Delivery times are: Sun through Thur 2:00 pm til 10:00 pm 

Call Ahead for Carryout Or Dine In

*a minimum of $10.00 of food items from our menu.
all other store items available for delivery after meeting the minimum*

#1 in Dayton

#1-Top Guilty Food Pleasures in Dayton

THE “BIG BO BJ” at B&B CARRYOUT: Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a breakfast sandwich. And it is one helluva guilty pleasure. This craziness is a bun with sausage, a fried egg, a hash brown patty, American cheese,strips of bacon and hot pepper cheese. You won’t feel that guilty, because the every bite is just so darn good. A handful of greasy, gooeyness, with great flavor. If you haven’t tried the Big Bo BJ, you need to grab yourself one.

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